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Dining Room Remodeling Ideas

Renovating the Dining Area

dining room remodeling ideas

Ideas for Remodeling the Dining Room. (Photo Credits)

Renovating a home’s dining room can give a huge facelift to its overall look.

After all, it I where families and guests mostly converge. In fact some eve use it as an alternate home office.

Interior Design 4 shares ideas on dining room renovation designs.

“LED lighting fixtures will be perfect in the modern dining room and try to install them to be individually control to be able to create different moods in the room. The window treatment of your traditional or country room should match the furnishings, yet you will need to choose a contemporary looking fabric for your modern dining room window. The modern dining room may need recess speakers incorporated into the wall to set the mood of the room.”

Check out the rest of the ideas here.

Inspiring renovations

Home Advisor also has its share of suggestions.

“In older homes the formal dining room is often a separate, walled-in space. And while this helps create a more intimate space, it can also make a home feel compartmentalized and claustrophobic. Today it’s all about the open floor plan. One of the best ways to open up your home and increase your living space is to knock down the walls that separate your living and dining rooms. Note: don’t go knocking down walls yourself. Leave any structural changes to the pros.”

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Houzz meantime featured a dining room that is just drool-worthy.

“Warm welcome – The subtle hues chosen for this dining room are certain to become deeper and warmer after dark, and that delicate chandelier will bring sparkle to any gathering. With chairs as comfortable as these, no wonder the cat has made itself at home.”

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Have you ever thought of remodeling your dining area?


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