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What to Avoid When Renovating a Home

Avoid Committing these Renovating Mistakes

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Renovate your home minus the pitfalls. (Photo Credits)

Renovating a home can be both an exciting and stressful situation. Exciting because the homeowner can see his dream house unravel before his eyes. Stressful because he is in total control and that any wrong decision can be costly, and at the same time unpleasant and inconvenient. shared tips on how to avoid renovation pitfalls.

“Ever dream of sipping tea on the wraparound porch of a Queen Anne Victorian, or gazing at the soaring ceilings of a Gothic Revival after an endless workday? Historic homes carry tons of charm, but here’s the thing: They’re old. And that means they often come with truckloads of hidden or weirdly unexpected issues—and may require exorbitant upgrades. But fear not! With smart planning and a few expert tips, you can renovate the historic home of your fantasies. And, hey, why not create some new history while you’re at it?”

Check out the tips here.

Avoid the pitfalls

Rodale’s Organic Life also shared some Home Improvement mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

“Fiberglass insulation is great at protecting your home against the elements. The problem, some experts say, is that fiberglass emits styrene, a suspected carcinogen. And small fiberglass particles can break off and irritate your skin or lungs, causing rashes and even respiratory problems.”

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Renovating. The word alone conjures images of messy, dust-filled rooms. Think of kitchen renovations where the stove, fridge and dishwasher have been pulled out and placed in the middle of the TV room—optimal for entertaining guests, right?  Even worse, bathroom renovations where your entire family of five is forced to share ONE bathroom while the work is being done.”

See the tips here.

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